At DeepLab

we provide organisations with an unfair advantage by developing them bleeding edge custom intelligent solutions using academic grade quantitative research methods.  Our clients range from sports betting syndicates to blockchain traded funds.

DeepLab is

a private applied research group with a background in Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Analytics, Computing Science and Mathematical Modelling.

Our domain expertise is in prediction markets, tokenomics, robotics, sentiment analysis and prompt engineering.

We have strong links with academia and only hire the very brightest, primarily via industrial PhD and post-doctoral research programs at leading universities.

DeepLab Insignia

A DeepLab project

BRIEF:  Our client commissioned us to develop a robust automated trading strategy for The Hong Kong Jockey Club betting pools.

CHALLENGE:  Due to the plethora of betting syndicates and teams operating within Hong Kong, the HKJC markets have become very efficient and hence difficult to profit from.

SOLUTION:  As nearly all teams still use traditional statistical techniques such as regression, to gain an edge, our solution is primarily based on advance deep learning.  Specifically CNN and LSTM/DNN architectures combined with an ensemble model.  Our solution also includes an intelligent portfolio optimizer.

RESULTS:  We attained a 2% yield before rebates equating to a circa 100% annualized return on investment for our client.

Does your organisation require a innovative solution for a hard problem?

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